The following guidelines are in effect in order to ensure that all banner hanging in the facility is conducted safely and with due care for the building infrastructure. FREEMAN reserves the right to disqualify the hanging of any signage that is deemed unsafe at our discretion.

FREEMAN is the exclusive supplier of rigging services for the Scotiabank Convention Centre. As such all rigging in the building will be managed by FREEMAN, according to the following procedures.

• All banners must adhere to the requirements below. Delays, additional equipment charges, and labour charges may be incurred by not having the appropriate materials to hang your banner effectively and safely. All Exhibitor sign hanging may be ordered using Freeman’s Sign & Banner Hanging Order form.

• Banners in excess of 6 feet linear should come with a rigid support for best results when hanging. For banners in excess of 20 feet linear, truss may be necessary to allow the banner to hang safely and correctly. Freeman will notify the owner/hanging party whether truss is required and whether any additional charges may apply.

• All banners must include grommets and/or pole pockets. For all 3D signage, please provide all necessary hardware and cabling (hanging harness, eye hooks, quick links etc.) for hanging from a single point. Hanging harnesses are engineered to each specific sign to account for it’s shape and to ensure that it hangs level. THE HANGING HARNESS PROVIDED BY THE SIGN MANUFACTURER MUST BE USED, WE DO NOT PROVIDE CABLING FOR 3D SIGNAGE AS IT IS UNIQUE TO EACH TYPE OF SIGN. All sign hardware must be properly labelled with the load rating of each component and approved by the appropriate governing body.

• All non-exhibitor banner hanging orders should be placed through Freeman directly at least two weeks prior to the event move-in date. A diagram showing banner dimensions and placement will need to accompany all orders.
• The position of the sign/banner will be dependant on the location of the booth relative to the rigging points or grid available. Additional charges may be incurred should a point need to be created by means of truss and motors or any other method.